Welcome to 4iG e-learning!

The world we live in is changing rapidly and we cannot ignore this fact when choosing the types of training we offer, so we decided to introduce a modern system with a variety of diverse solutions to meet the new and growing expectations.

4iG's e-learning system is flexible, diverse, varied, yet user-friendly and easy to use. It effectively supports staff in the acquisition of knowledge, adapts to the need for short, fast, to the point information delivery dictated by the fast-paced lifestyle, and helps managers to measure back the development of a consistent level of knowledge, to identify possible information distortions as soon as possible, and to monitor learning effectiveness.

The username is your email address (you can use either name@4ig.hu or trunk number@4ig.hu), the password is the password you have entered, if you don't know it, you can request a new one by clicking on "Forgot password". This is also how you can enter a password the first time you log in.

We wish you good learning!